Bamboo Services is Live on the App Store and Google Play

12/5/2019: Please note that Bamboo has now rebranded to “My Panda.

Bamboo Services, an Atlanta startup offering personal on-demand assistants to help people complete tasks, is now live on the iOS App Store and Google Play! Bamboo was developed in collaboration with Winnona Partners. Their service is now available in select locations. You can download the app for free here:

Here’s a description of Bamboo Services, as seen on the app description:

Welcome to the Bamboo Community! Thank you for trusting us with your to-do list! No time to do it? Bamboo it!

Bamboo Services provides Personal Assistants oN Demand Anytime (PANDAs ) to help the local community complete the everyday tasks that they can do, but don’t have the time to do. Our screened and vetted Pandas live in the nearby neighborhoods, have extra pockets of time and want to help you get things done. Your time can be spent with your family and friends, doing the things that enrich your life.

Your To-Do List is our Job

We are here to help you move through that to-do list. You name it, we will get it done. From setting up and meeting specialized service providers to our Pandas folding your laundry, running errands, shopping, taking care of your home while you are on, prepping for a party – whatever it is that is cluttering up your to-do list – our Pandas will be your set of extra hands to complete the job.


We strengthen community bonds by being hyper-local and addressing the local nuances of your neighborhood. We are able to provide help from time to time in an affordable way, with people you trust, people from your community. Our goal is to build a sense of community, facilitate neighbors helping neighbors, keeping your dollars in the local economy.

How does it work?

• Set up your profile in the app and if you are in a neighborhood that we are currently servicing, we will approve you to join the community.

• Once approved, you request the service you need and we will find a qualified, trusted Panda from your hyper-local community to get it done!

About our Pandas – Personal Assistants oN Demand Anytime

All of our Pandas have a clear background check, have identity verification, have passed all screenings, are trained in our best practices and are excited and ready to be the helping hand for your family! We search for honest, dependable neighbors who want to do their part to help others in the community by giving them the gift of time.

We are hyper- local so our Pandas never need to drive more than 5-10 minutes to provide services, increasing efficiencies and encouraging social accountability.

Interested in becoming a Panda? Visit our website to learn more

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a plant that is strong and utilitarian (and beautiful!) and we envisioned our service sprouting up around the community….strong and dependable. Our PANDAs work within their Bamboo Grove, the neighborhoods immediately surrounding their home. They support others in their community by performing tasks that they choose, based on their interests and skills, and in turn get paid for their time, helping them reach their financial goals.

Mission and Values

We at Bamboo recognize that time is our most precious commodity. We liberate our members to spend more time doing things that are more meaningful to them, whether that be spending time with children, attending a yoga class, getting in that extra meeting at work or grabbing a meal with friends. This way of life should not be only available to the super wealthy. Bamboo provides an affordable way for families and individuals to live their best life. Our focus is also on building a sense of community and keeping your dollars in the local economy. Sustainability is a key component to our model. By having our Pandas work together at different times to support the busy members in their community, giving them the time to contribute in their own way, we strive to improve the quality of life for all the members of the Bamboo community.

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