Winnona Partners: We’re Here to Help Decatur Small Businesses During COVID-19 Shutdown

In the wake of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, businesses in many parts of the country have had to close their doors, or face severe limitations in the way they operate. For people working in the restaurant industry who only make enough income to survive month to month, ‘not going to work’ or ‘closing up shop’ is not a viable option. Wait staff, baristas, bar tenders, and managers all depend on daily sales to stay afloat. For the workers whose majority of wages are determined by the tips they receive, the need for continued support and revenue is vital to their livelihood. To help address the needs of these businesses, the Winnona Partners team is readily available to help restaurants and businesses implement whatever they need to continue making sales during this public health crisis.

One of first clients (also our favorite coffee shop in Decatur), Kavarna, recently had to adjust their hours of operation and limit their service to making to-go orders only. (Update: As of March 23rd, they’ve officially closed until further notice.) A business like this needs to get the message out to people clearly and quickly, and consider new ways for customers to make purchases or donate directly to the shop online. As a small business ourselves, we understand that getting something simple rolled out fast is the top priority in this type of situation. Fortunately, our team has a wheelhouse of tools and experience available to help businesses of all shapes and sizes find ways to monetize online. In Kavarna’s case, this meant putting up pages and links where people could purchase gift cards or donate tips to support baristas all powered by PayPal.

Donate to baristas at the Kavarna coffee shop in Decatur, GA.
Donate to Kavarna Baristas Today!

For other restaurant clients, like LanZhou Ramen and Crossing Bridge Noodle, this has been as simple as displaying a message on the home page of their website alerting customers that they will be temporarily closed until further notice in April.

Let’s work together to help each other through this difficult time. If your business is facing a temporary closure or needs to pivot to adjust to the new market environment, please contact us. We understand the importance of keeping your business operational, and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to help you cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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