How is Winnona Partners involved once my app is live (in full production)?

If you’re hoping to develop a new app or software service, ongoing maintenance is an important thing to consider. You don’t want a team of developers to make something for you only to disappear after your project goes live (in full production)!

Winnona Partners will continue to play an avid role in your app following it’s release. Simply put, we value long term client relationships! Not only does our firm write an initial blog article to promote your app release free of charge, but we will also continue to share your highlights on our company blog and social media accounts.

If you‘re featured on a news show, podcast, blog, or other medium, we’re willing to promote your coverage for free!

Adding new features after release

If you’d like to add new features or make other changes to your app after it’s release, we can do so by simply crafting a new Statement Of Work that outlines the changes along with a development schedule (similar to the initial Agreement).

Once new changes are agreed upon, the cost of the changes will be included with the recurring monthly server payment if applicable. For instance, if you agree to add a feature for $500 in July and your recurring monthly payment is $300, then your total invoice amount for July will be $800.

Furthermore, Winnona Partners will continue to investigate ways to either save or make you money on an ongoing basis. If we find areas where we believe you can potentially reduce spending, expedite a process, or generate more revenue, we will contact you with more information.


As your business scales, it might make sense for you to hire your own internal development team. We totally get it, and are happy to help! Our standard Consulting Agreement outlines Termination in a way that’s clear and easy to understand.

If you grow to the point of needing to hire your own in-house developers or would like to move your project to a different development team, we will do everything necessary to help transfer the code, providing assistance along the way.