What is Winnona Partners’ Mission Statement?

Organizations of all sizes need a clear mission statement. Why do we do what we do? What drives us to wake up every morning and work on software development? You can see Winnona Partners’ mission statement below.

Mission Statement

Winnona Partners Mission Statement:
Most businesses are paying too much for software that doesn’t fit their specific business process. We build them the highest quality custom software at the most affordable rate so they can become leaders in their industry and save money as they scale.
Winnona Partners‘ Mission Statement

“Most businesses are paying too much for software that doesn’t fit their specific business process. We build them the highest quality custom software at the most affordable rate so they can become leaders in their industry and save money as they scale.”

Highest quality custom software at the most affordable rate

When we first began developing software for ourselves, we quickly learned how confusing and expensive software development can be. Believe it or not, most development companies try to just roll out the cheapest software possible without thinking critically about how or why the system should work the way it does.

At Winnona Partners, we pride ourselves on developing the highest quality custom software at the most affordable rate, all while thinking carefully about how software can best fit the needs of your business. That’s why we explicitly declare this in our mission statement!

If you’re looking for a ‘white label’ app, that’s not us

A lot of companies offer ‘white label’ applications, which are basically just clones of an application with little-to-no custom technology built to fit a unique business process.

In our experience, people tend to choose white label apps because either they:

1). Think it will be very cheap and easy
2). Don’t want to come up with or think about their business process in an thorough, intentional way.

Unfortunately, white label app clients eventually discover that while this approach can be cheap upfront, it’s very unlikely that these applications will fit their business process whatsoever. As a result, they end up just wasting a bunch of time and money on something that’s completely non proprietary. Just think about it: how many ‘white label’ apps do you know that are actually profitable, high quality, and widely used?

At Winnona Partners, we knew immediately that low-quality white label software development is the complete opposite of who we are and what we enjoy. In fact, we actually love the problem-solving part of the custom software development process!

Learning about a client’s business process and exploring the most cost-effective and highest quality technological solution is something that sets us apart from our competitors. More importantly, our approach helps clients save tons of time and money at every step of the process.

Affordability – lean by design

Winnona Partners does NOT outsource our development–everything we make is custom built in-house in our Atlanta office. So how are we able to offer such competitive rates for our software development?

First, we do so primarily by maintaining a relatively small but intelligent development team. Second, we’re careful about projects we choose to take on. Third, we perform proper due diligence for every feature idea.

The result? Our overhead stays low, we have confidence in our clients, and we can provide reasonable time and cost expectations.

We recognize that the more money we can help our clients save, the more work will come our way. As a few guys who started this company with $0 in the bank, we recognize the value in doing as much as possible with a cost-effective mindset. That’s why affordability is a major point in our mission statement.

Ultimately, we’ve become the software development team that we wish we’d met when we first got started.

Don’t pay too much for software that doesn’t fit your business process

If there’s one thing that peeves us, it’s software that: is limited, doesn’t solve problems, or is severely overpriced. If core parts of your business rely on software, why would you settle for something that only marginally helps your process? Why not explore efficient ways to automate or streamline your business process in a more cohesive way?

Surprisingly, many business leaders are content with the “status quo” of in-house tools–even if those tools are loathed by employees and clients alike.

They come up with all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t improve their technology. They’ll say things like “Well, this is what our competitors are paying to use, so it must be right for us”. Or “it’s too difficult to switch systems, we’d have to retrain people”. In reality, these excuses mean that they’re either too lazy or too stubborn to acknowledge that there’s a better way!

Become a leader in your industry

Are you willing to take a good hard look at your business software and consider better alternatives?

Will you be able to keep an open mind when it comes to your business process?

Are you eager to find tech solutions that can help you save significant time, money, and effort?

Are you ready to become a leader in your industry with sleek and intelligent software that works exactly the way you need it to?

If your answers to the above questions is ‘yes‘, then you’ve got the perfect mindset to explore custom software development! So if this mission statement speaks to you and you’re ready to use technology in efficient, creative ways to become the best at what you do, contact Winnona Partners today!