Who owns the rights to my app?

Whenever you’re considering custom software development, it’s important to understand who owns the rights to your app.

Unless otherwise stated in our Consulting Agreement and discussed with you specifically, you own the rights to 100% of your app code. Period.

Winnona Partners is here to serve as your consulting and development team. In other words, we’re here to offer advice and build your app for you. If you decide to hire a different developer after working with us, we will do everything necessary to give your project (code) to that team or individual. Everything we develop is custom-made and owned by you, the Client.

Once your project is live, you receive 100% of all proceeds your technology generates (after Apple and Google’s standard 30% fee, when applicable). You will likely have your own Apple and Google developer accounts, which we will help set up and manage with your information only (email address, business and banking info, etc).

Winnona Partners strives to be open and transparent about this topic, and therefore we want to be absolutely clear that you/your organization owns the all rights to your technology.