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Save Time and Storage with Lotus Social

Our latest app project, titled Lotus Social Media Management, was developed for a client who saw the need to save space on your phone by combining Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all in one place. Whether you manage several social media accounts for a living or you’re just tired of needing to switch between your busy personal accounts, Lotus Social can simplify the process. Not only can you receive notifications and view posts on all of your social media accounts, but you can even cross post text and images to them as well!

Another benefit of Lotus Social is how much space can be saved on your phone. Lately more and more people are deleting their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter app because it can use up well over 1 GB of storage space per platform. For anyone with an older model phone or who needs to save space for their photos or videos this can be a huge issue. Why should you have to pay for additional cloud storage to accommodate these social media giant data hogs?! That’s why we’re proud to have created a single platform that can combine all of these powerful platforms in one app that only takes up 15.2 MB of storage space.


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Lotus Social Media Management is available to download for FREE worldwide on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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