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The Best SEO Analysis Extension Tool for Firefox – SenSEO

Getting discovered online is at the forefront of every company’s marketing and business development strategy, and the senSEO Firefox Extension is a great tool to help maximize your SEO on Google.

Getting discovered online is at the forefront of every company’s marketing and business development strategy – or at least it should be! With over a billion websites online competition is fierce to say the least, and implementing good search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can make a huge difference in whether or not your site is referenced when people search for keywords related to your business. As our Yule team continues to delve further into app indexing on Google and (SEO) strategies for our upcoming website, I wanted to find a comparative tool that would allow me to quickly see how websites were fairing with particular keywords. Luckily, I came across SenSEO, a Firefox extension that gives a comprehensive score for any keyword on any web page. The results have been astounding, and I can say SenSEO serves as an informative tool for analyzing your site at a glance and comparing it with your main competitors.

SEO Analysis Made Easy

There are a ton of immediate questions one has when considering how Google handles SEO. How does Google rate your site and how can you improve your overall SEO score? What does Google look for when it crawls your site? Google provides some general information in their Webmaster Guidelines, though it’s not very detailed. Luckily, SenSEO provides an easy to view, color coated and letter grade scoring analysis.

SEO comparison for the Iberian Pig on their website, Facebook, OpenTable, and Yelp

The grade is broken up into several subcategories, including title tags, meta description tags, heading tags, page content, domain, and path. Each subcategory lists detailed SEO-important components your web page should or should not include, according to the ever-evolving standards set by Google. If you have any questions or want more details about any of the subcategory criteria, SenSEO links to a series of short related videos by Matt Cutts. You can also crawl the site for an additional breakdown, or save pages and compare them with others side by side. The side by side comparison feature is especially useful to reference when providing a competitive analysis for potential clients.

SenSEO Side by Side Comparison Feature

While SenSEO is a great analytical tool for live sites, it has also proven to be extremely helpful when building a site from the ground up. We’ve been able to cross compare our site with our competitors and learn how to properly construct aspects of our web pages to dramatically increase our SEO score prior to launch. Surprisingly, we’ve found that many of the social media giants and fortune 500 companies still fail to surpass a 70% score for keywords directly related to their web page content! For anyone who is interested in learning more about Google SEO preferences or improving your SEO strategy, I highly recommend getting the SenSEO Add-on for Firefox.

SenSEO was developed by Nico Steiner, and can be downloaded for free here. A $10 donation is requested for the use of this service. You can also follow SenSEO on Twitter

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