Tech Business Glossary – Definitions & Strategies by Winnona Partners

Starting a tech business is difficult. Sustaining a tech business can be even more difficult. In order to not only stay afloat, but also thrive, you need a comprehensive set of tools you can reference quickly. That’s why we put together a new glossary resource of some of the most important tech business terms, theories, and concepts to help!

Our comprehensive glossary contains over 150 definitions and concepts that can help you analyze, create, and improve aspects of your business.

The collection is organized in alphabetical order, so you can quickly jump to any letter you’d like.

What’s the glossary content?

Although the collection is technically a ‘tech’ business glossary, many of the theories and concepts are applicable to all types of businesses.

The items we chose for the tech business glossary come from a variety of sources. However, most were selected from our favorite books, such as The Lean Startup, Hacking Growth, The Ten-Day MBA, Out of the Crisis, Thinking Fast and Slow, and more.

So which terms made the cut and why? Basically, the glossary contains key concepts that have not only helped our team find success over the years, but they’ve helped our clients as well.

Whenever there is indecision or uncertainty in a business decision, there’s probably some framework that can help you!

Rather than taking a stab in the dark or randomly settling on a decision that might not be optimal, take a few minutes to explore some of the strategies in our glossary to see if they can help.

Doing so helps small teams come closer to reaching an outside view. As a result, your approach and decision-making will be less subjective.

10 recommended concepts

When we say our glossary is comprehensive, we mean it! With more than 150 concepts, there’s obviously a lot of information to sort through. Wondering where to start?

Here’s a shortlist of diverse concepts you should check out:

We hope you enjoy these theories and concepts! Please continue to visit the glossary frequently as new ones will be added regularly.

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