WordPress Website Development: Cost-Effective Option for Startups

With all the hype around mobile apps and e-commerce you’ve probably asked yourself, does my business need a mobile app? The truth is not every business needs a complex mobile app to improve their online presence or increase sales. Every spending decision needs to be carefully calculated to determine if it will be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are running a small businesses or startup company. In many cases, an affordable WordPress website will be sufficient.

While we specialize in developing high-end mobile apps for the App Store and Google Play, our team likes to work closely with all of our clients to determine if a mobile app is really the best course for them to find success online.

For most small businesses (restaurants, artists, newly established community organizations), a simple WordPress website is a sufficient starting point.

Get Your Business Established Online for $1,000 or Less

Winnona Partners is prepared to help you determine what type of technology will be the most beneficial for you and your business. If we do not feel strongly that a mobile app will help your business, we will be up front about that.

As a small organization ourselves, we are primarily interested in working to provide excellent service and advice to our clients long-term. This means helping you make sound, intelligent business decisions time after time.

The most basic mobile apps we develop fall within the $5,000-10,000 range. Unless you have evidence that can guarantee a solid ROI, this may be a steep investment to justify. However, we can also make you a superb, mobile-friendly WordPress website for $1,000 or less.

If all you need is a basic online presence to highlight what your business has to offer with a modern look, a WordPress website is probably the perfect option for you.

Advantages to Having a WordPress Website by Winnona Partners

Not only does our team have the skills necessary to develop a WordPress website, we also enjoy learning about your business so we can tailor the content to reach your audience effectively.

By having direct insight into the mindset of your customer base, we can work together with you to build a site that not only looks great, but also drives customers to buy your products, follow, or contact your business.

Having an effective web presence that not only attracts but also converts website visitors into patrons is crucial, and Winnona Partners is equipped with strategies and years of experience to help turn that guest who is “just browsing” into a paying customer.

We also love using WordPress for simple projects because it is easy to hand off administrative roles to the clients directly, meaning you can easily make text or structural changes as you see fit.

As prices fluctuate or new products are introduced, it’s important for you to be able to make changes to your website quickly with little hassle.

Working with Winnona Partners means getting a team of committed business consultants who thrive in developing elegant, functional websites within a couple weeks for a low cost.

Desktop and Mobile Friendly

It’s no secret that mobile searches for local businesses have surged over the past decade. As a mobile-focused group, we prioritize building sites that look clean and work well on all mobile device types.

Although features and customization at the lowest tiers are relatively limited, WordPress is still a very powerful platform to ensure your business will make a great first impression for visitors regardless of whether they are searching from a phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

Below are two examples of businesses who have found success with our WordPress website model, a coffee shop called Kavarna and a law firm called EM3:

Whether your business is customer service based or you need to attract white-collar executives, Winnona Partners can help you reach your intended customer base with a sleek, professional web presence.

While we believe WordPress is an excellent place to start building your web presence, we are also prepared to deliver top-of-the-line websites or web apps using other powerful platforms, such as React, if we can determine that such a platform could save or generate you more income.

At the end of the day, our role is to serve you with honesty and integrity as we work together to determine how technology can take your business to the next level. For projects big or small, being able to help you achieve incremental monetary success on a recurring basis is our top priority.


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