Custom Software Solutions for Law Firms: Automate Tasks & Spend More Time With Your Family

If you’re in the legal field, your most value asset is your time. This is obviously the case in nearly every industry, but it’s especially important for lawyers who can face limitations because of natural time constraints–it often feels like there’s simply not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Beyond working furiously to ensure you’re making enough time to manage clients and work, you probably have a family or significant other that you don’t want to neglect either. We believe family comes first, which is why we prioritize automating routine business tasks to create more free time for you to spend with those who matter most.

What are the aspects of your practice and daily work routine that are the most cumbersome or time consuming? Where are mistakes being made regularly? Are there lapses in communication or procedures that are causing delays with your clients, staff, or casework?

These are the types of questions we like to explore on a regular basis with our clients. Then, we go one step further and utilize technology to help reduce the cause of these defects, or in many cases eliminate them all together.

In some situations, there may be existing solutions that we can help integrate into whatever current system you’re using or are familiar with. In other cases, it may be more cost effective and beneficial to have a custom system built to fit your exact needs. The latter is what we usually implement for clients since we’re able to control exactly how everything is working, and don’t need to charge insanely high monthly fees like most platforms.

Whether you’re looking to free up time so you can take on more clientele, or because you want to spend more time with your family and friends, we’re here to help you make that happen.

If you’re someone who feels stuck or overwhelmed with your current workload, please give us a call. We’ll help you find ways to make more time for your clients, your family, and yourself.

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By Jonathan Richter

Jonathan is CEO of Winnona Partners, a custom software development company that specializes in helping business owners navigate the digital transformation process. He's also a classical guitarist, and has studied Chinese language, music and culture extensively. Learn more at

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