My Typewriter App is Live on the App Store and Google Play

The Winnona Partners have teamed up with Connor Garrett and Alex Chung (Blueflame Creative) to develop the innovative My Typewriter app for iOS devices.

Garrett is a creative writer by trade, and was fed up with the existing typewriter apps’ lack of user-friendly UI/UX design, and aesthetic appeal.

Connor Garrett, founder of My Typewriter Mobile App

Within five minutes of speaking with Garrett, it was clear that his passion for writing fiction, satire, and poetry could help spearhead their initiative to create an outstanding typewriter app that writers would love to use.

Garrett and Chung’s passion, matched with their expertise in social media marketing allowed our team to build them the app of their dreams in a timely, and cost-effective manner.

My Typewriter Features

My Typewriter combines the look and feel of working on a vintage typewriter, accessible right in the palm of your hand.

From the Underwood-inspired keystrokes and bell to the randomized ink patterns, this app was designed with the authentic experience of the classic writing machine in mind.

The app also includes the ability to select from multiple typewriter fonts, and even built a font ‘randomizer’ that chooses characters randomly from all 11 font families.

Anything you create on My Typewriter can be saved, printed, exported, and uploaded to any platform you would like.

The free-form nature of the My Typewriter app allows for endless creative possibilities, and text fields are easily editable.

Furthermore, the page size of My Typewriter has been optimized for social media posting. As a result, your work will have the highest aesthetic quality on what’s becoming the chosen platform for the modern day poet.

My Typewriter is available on the App Store for iOS and Android devices, and is even optimized for landscape mode (perfect for iPad)! Download the My Typewriter app today here!

You can follow the My Typewriter App on Instagram @mytypewriterapp.

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