Rebate Haus Launches New Website as an Official Real Estate Partner of the San Antonio Spurs

Chris Marti of Rebate Haus is widely known in San Antonio as the real estate agent who went viral with his #MyWifeHatesThisSuit billboard campaign in 2019. Now, Marti has collaborated with Winnona Partners to launch a new and improved website as The Official Partner of an San Antonio Spurs.

Rebate Haus San Antonio Website landing page design
Check out the new Rebate Haus website!

Chris and his wife Meredith have built a thriving business by saving people thousands of dollars when buying or selling a home in San Antonio. Specifically, Rebate Haus specializes in new home construction opportunities. In 2019 and 2020, Rebate Haus ranked as Top 5 Greater San Antonio Real Estate Agents!

When asked about the new site, Chris Marti stated:

“I believe that by showcasing the professional website Winnona Partners created for me, it allows our partnership with the San Antonio Spurs to be that much more successful. When clients come to our site, they are reassured by the quality that we are professionals and ready to help them purchase or sell homes.”

The RebateHaus Team: Chris Marti (left) and Meredith Marti (right)
The Rebate Haus Team: Chris Marti (left) and Meredith Marti (right)

The Ultimate Rebate Program for Home Buyers and Sellers

In 2020, the Martis have upped the ante by becoming an official real estate partners of the San Antonio Spurs. As a result, they’ve launched a new website to promote this relationship while also providing key information for home buyers and sellers.

The secret to Rebate Haus’s success? Chris and Meredith’s mission is to help clients get the best deal possible when negotiating a home sale. They believe in this mission so much so that they’re willing to offer one of the most (if not the most) competitive rebate programs in the country!

Many real estate agents say they are looking out for their client’s best interest. But Rebate Haus has proven time and again that they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to helping their clients get the best deal possible.

Special Veteran Rebate – Extra Zeros for Heroes

In addition to helping everyday clients, Rebate Haus also has an exclusive offer for veterans called Extra Zeros for Heroes. This honorable program has helped hundreds of veterans purchase a home. The official Rebate Haus statement reads:

We wanted a way to give our thanks to all the people who go out every day to make our lives better. Whether you fight for our freedom, protect the streets, fight fires or teach the youth of tomorrow we want to recognize you.

Our Extra Zeroes for Heroes program was created to provide extra savings when purchasing a home to individuals like you who do so much for us every day.

Extra Zeros for Heroes: San Antonio Rebate Program by RebateHaus
Extra Zeros for Heroes: San Antonio Rebate Program by Rebate Haus

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Rebate Haus to create a remarkable new website for their business. In addition, we’ve developed a custom CRM that helps manage their clients and other business operations.

If you’re looking for the best real estate agent in San Antonio, look no further than an Official Partner of the San Antonio Spurs: Rebate Haus!

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