The Atlanta40 project- a fun, interactive, educational web experience!

The Winnona Partners had the privilege of teaming up with Science ATL to launch Atlanta40! The Atlanta40 micro-conservation web project features forty organisms central to the identity of Atlanta.

If you’re looking for a fun interactive experience, check it out for free at! The Atlanta40 project was sponsored by Emory University.

So, are you ready to become a BIG TIME micro-conservationist?!

Check out this insane and funny promo video about the Atlanta40!

Tell me more!

Local community members came together to curate terrific content that is iconic, memorable, and very “Atlanta”! Each species has a video, description, more info, image, and fun micro-conservatoin act.

The project is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. We recommend you try it out on your phone so you can do it easily on the go!

Atlanta40 firefly!
Desktop view

Once you sign up, you get to explore species and items in different category stages (common, cultural, agricultural, etc).

Atlanta40 side menu
Categories and Species – mobile view

The stages unlock as you complete simple micro-conservation tasks for each species. Don’t worry, they’re don’t ask too much of you! For instance, the Peach conservation act is: “Think of a tree you see every day. Give that tree a name”.

Atlanta species - the peach!
Eat a Peach!

Featuring Celebrities and Community Leaders

Prominent organization leaders and celebrities including singer Eric “Ricky” McKinnie of the Blind Boys of Alabama contributed informative (and hilarious) videos for each of the species. Even Atlanta United’s adorable Spike the Service Dog makes an appearance!

Atlanta United - Spike the Service dog
Thank you Spike the Service Dog!

Where can I find Atlanta40 again?

The Atlanta40 project is a totally FREE web project that the whole family can enjoy! You can sign up now at!

We’re thankful to Science ATL for collaborating with us to make this awesome project come to life! We also want to five a special thanks to Emory University for sponsoring the project. Lastly, thank YOU for taking steps to learn more about local Atlanta species and culture.

Did you complete the project? Tell us what you think about it by commenting below or contacting us!

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