Mobile App for the Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

The Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, and the Greenville Historical Society collaborated with the Winnona Partners to develop a simple, yet sleek driving tour app for Greenville, GA.

Meriwether County is home to what’s known as The Little White House, the personal retreat of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States.

With such a rich history, and beautiful natural scenery, it’s no wonder why President Roosevelt enjoyed spending so much leisure time in Meriwether County!

We’re honored to have developed the Greenville Driving Tour for the Meriwether Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, and hope you enjoy discovering the splendor of Meriwether with the help of our mobile technology.

The home screen for the Greenville Driving Tour app in Meriwether County, GA

The tour includes 34 stops showcasing Greenville’s many historic buildings and bright history, with clear directions for each stop.

Greenville Driving tour mobile app screenshot of the Meriwether County courthouse and information

The tour is flush with images, audio, and text to accompany each historic stop. The tour is easy to navigate forwards and backwards, and includes audio replay options.

App screenshot of Greenville Driving Tour text captions

Each stop includes helpful instructions to help you navigate the tour as you drive.

Greenville Driving tour mobile app screenshot of pinpoints on a map and the Meriwether Historical Society information

You can also view and visit the stops in any order you’d like by tapping the “Explore” tab. Tap on a red location pin to view the full details included in the tour.

The Greenville Driving Tour app is available to download FREE on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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