Winnona Partners Launch Winnona Web 1.0 in 2019

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new line of software development: Custom Websites and Web Application development. In our experience developing software for clients (mostly mobile apps, back-end administration portals and CRMs), we’ve found that there is a substantial need for custom front-end web development as well.

If you’re serious about the state of your online presence and how your business is being represented online, you need a mobile-friendly website that’s going to grab people’s (very short) attention instantly.

Our high-quality websites and web apps present beautiful designs, animations, and strong call-to-action capabilities that are necessary for businesses and brands wishing to stand out in the modern online era. Check it out here.

State of the Industry: The Need for Affordable Custom Web App Development

In recent years it’s become increasingly clear that mobile app development is extremely competitive, development can be costly, and searchability for mobile apps in the App Store or Google Play is not as prevalent or widespread as online searches (i.e. websites on Google).

We’re a lean team who understands the importance of making an impact when customers, clients, or investors visit your site–and according to studies by Microsoft and Forbes in 2019 you only have 8 seconds to grab people’s attention.

When it comes to marketing and business today, attention is the new currency. In this vein, Winnona Web is a proactive solution to help diverse businesses of all sizes stand out from the crowd quickly with a sleek, personalized, and effective website or web app.

The Winnona Web project was developed throughout 2019 in an effort to better serve our clients in need of web development. While this first iteration can be considered “Winnona Web 1.0”, we’re excited for what the future holds as we continue to build powerful technology resources for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Our team strongly believes that web security, speed, functionality, and reliability are aspects of web development that can’t be compromised–and they all contribute to that WOW factor everyone strives for. We’re also confident in our qualitative technical approach because it’s already working for clients today.

If you’re interested in a website redesign, converting an outdated website to become mobile-first, or just want a new stunning web site or web app for a new venture, Winnona Partners is ready to help you achieve your goals online.

Premium Technology at an Affordable Rate

One of the most exciting aspects of Winnona Web is how much we’ve been able to reduce our development cost–we’ve built a series of in-house tools and components to cut down costs for custom web development using the React framework to the point where we’re able to offer clients a $10,000 world class website value at a fraction of the cost of what similar agencies charge (usually $2,000-$6,000 range).

Our dedication to building in-house web development tools was born out of frustration with the UI/UX limitations of platforms like WordPress and Squarespace, and dissatisfaction with digital agencies that overcharge clients for less sophisticated technology.

Winnona Partners mission has always been to better serve businesses and individuals in our community, and to help our clients succeed with custom technology solutions.

Winnona Web 1.0 is another significant step in our company’s growth stage. We’re thankful to all of our clients and supporters who helped contribute to this project, and look forward to the opportunities Winnona Web will present in 2020 and beyond.

Check out our Badass Interactive Demo

We like showing off our custom web designs so much, we’ve made an interactive demo page so you can see some of our components and animations in action–both on desktop and mobile.

You can also experiment with several different navigation bar styles, choose a primary theme color, and set your branding image. Check it out here!

Take your online presence to the next level

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By Winnona Partners

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