BODIED – Health & Fitness App is Live on the App Store and Google Play

Updated 12/02/17 – BODIED has reached #4 in the Health and Fitness category on the iOS App Store hours after launch!

The Winnona Partners have teamed up with Jenelle Salazar Butler, a certified fitness instructor and social media fitness influencer to create the BODIED – Health & Fitness app.

Her unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles with insecurities & low self esteem. But now she’s transforming them into a positive and dynamic training program, now available exclusively through her mobile app!

Jenelle Salazar Butler

J’s Backstory

Born in Espanola New Mexico, her Spanish heritage was the driving force to her healthy life perspective. Salazar established a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition through education at the Personal Fitness Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Salazar currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she has become a champion in the fitness space leading the fight against obesity.

Her personal coaching clients have included professional athletes and celebrities, but you don’t have to be either to take her high-intensity fitness programs or classes. As a mother of three, Jenelle even offers unique and dynamic workout routines for pregnant women.

In addition to the lives she impacts with her personal coaching, Salazar also hosts fitness bootcamps nationwide. These are both online and in-person, have made her one of the most sought after fitness coaches in the world!

You can follow Jenelle on Instagram (@getbodiedbyj) for her latest news and updates.

BODIED App Features


While collaborating with Jenelle, the Winnona Partners were able to use mobile technology to create a simple, yet elegant fitness solution. So what’s the BODIED app all about?

Upon downloading the app, users are instantly granted access to a plethora of workout videos and routines that you can do in the gym, outdoors, or even at home with no equipment!

Bodied App Workout Videos

For those who want a more rigorous routine, there are also scheduled Challenges available for purchase. To start a challenge, simply purchase one of the Challenges and select your start day on the calendar.

As part of this service, you can receive notifications on each day of the Challenge as a reminder to keep you motivated.

Bodied App Nutrition Tips

Looking for healthy recipes? Jenelle also provides expert advice for maintaining a proper diet on the Nutrition page of her app.

BODIED – Health & Fitness is now available on the iOS App Store! Please reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions. If you’d like to request a consultation for your own app or website, contact us here.

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