Goodgrief App – The Social Network for Loss

The Winnona Partners have teamed up with fellow Decatur, GA resident Robynne and her business partner Kim to develop a truly unique support system: Goodgrief – The Social Network for Loss.

Co-founders Kim and Robynne know first hand that grief is hard. All too often people are left to navigate the emotional roller coaster alone. Finding others who personally understand loss makes all the difference.

We worked together to create an online network where grieving people can privately connect, chat, and support each other in finding a new normal.

When Robynne first approached us with the idea for a grief-based chat app, we were stunned to discover that something like it did not already exist. Robynne and Kim wanted to recreate their organic experience of meeting one another virtually through mutual friends.

Once connected, they found solace in being able to text each other anytime amidst the challenges of daily life, motherhood, and working full time jobs. Grief can be so hard, and just having someone available to chat can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul.

The Winnona Partners team is honored to have helped develop this much needed technology for people undergoing sorrow and hardship.

Goodgrief works by putting you in touch with others who lost their spouse, parent, sibling, child, relative, or friend due to a variety of causes. Create a private profile by answering questions related to your loss.

Then, connect to other people through a one-on-one in-app texting service. Your private information is never seen publicly and chats are private and secure. Additional filters narrow your connections by age, gender, religion, time frame, and type and cause of loss. Start chatting today.

If you or someone you know needs this app, join our community. You are not alone.

Goodgrief – The Social Network for Loss  is now available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Web! Please reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions. If you’d like to request a consultation for your own app or website, contact us here.

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