CRM Pricing: How much do CRMs cost? [List of 15 Vendors]

Written by Jonathan Richter

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When it comes to CRM pricing, the cost can vary widely depending on the features you need, and how many users or ‘seats’ need access. Other factors can drive up the price too like the amount of data storage you need, add-ons, and even the region where you live.

Unfortunately, pricing information is not always easy to find online. This can make things difficult if you’re trying to find the CRM that’s going to be the best fit for you.

This page will help you find the pricing information you need fast.

Simply click on one of the links above or scroll down to learn about the subscription costs for each of the major CRM vendors.

You can also check out our CRM pricing comparison chart below.

Pricing Comparison Chart

For most business owners, the decision to choose a CRM isn’t completely determined by price. The features and functionality and ease of use also come into play.

That said, it’s good to have an estimation for what you could expect to pay for these CRMs at a glance.

We ranked the top 15 CRM vendors from the most expensive to least expensive for a mock company with 30 employees.

The chart below is what a fictitious, yet conventional company can expect to pay if they need robust customization, marketing automation tools, and customer service features:

CRM CompanyEstimated Annual Cost 2022*
Microsoft Dynamics 365$70,000
Copper CRM$36,800
Monday$9,000+ (Contact for Pricing)
*The estimated annual cost calculation is for a fictitious company with 30 users/seats that need access to a customizable sales tier, 10K contacts that need marketing automations, and 1 seat of a customer service tier if applicable. These estimations exclude costs related to onboarding, data storage, self-hosting fees, add-ons, and regional surcharges.

Considering Custom Development

You might find it strange that a guy who runs a custom software development company is posting about general purpose CRM pricing. “You develop custom CRMs, aren’t these vendors your direct competitors?!

Well, the truth is that pricing is one of our longterm competitive advantages.

Simply put, all of these CRM vendors are making a ton of profit every time a new user needs to be added to their system.

In most cases, granting a new user access to features will cost the vendor fractions of a penny in server costs per month. However, they’re able to charge customers anywhere from $25 to over $1,000 per month for every user that needs access.

That’s why companies enjoy working with Winnona Partners to develop a custom CRM solution. These business owners know that the upfront investment is worth it in the long run as their company scales.

While I encourage most business owners to consider developing their own custom CRM system, I also understand the importance of doing competitive market research.

So let’s investigate these CRM vendors and their subscription pricing right now!

General Purpose CRM Vendor Pricing

Most CRM vendors have several different tiers of options. While we try to keep this list up to date, these companies change their pricing on a regular basis.

Therefore, you can find links to all of the corresponding pricing pages at the end of each section.

Please note that all prices included in this article are USD. Also, if you think I’ve left out an important CRM in this article, please leave a comment and let me know!

Salesforce Pricing

salesforce product pricing webpage with small business, sales, and service tiers

Over the years, Salesforce has become synonymous with the term ‘CRM‘. Heck, even their stock ticker is NYSE: CRM.

With an annual revenue of $21.252 billion in 2021, there’s no doubt that Salesforce is the top dog in the CRM market. Their ability offer a variety of features in diverse industries make them a popular choice for businesses.

Salesforce offers several popular tiers of service, including: Small Business Solutions, Sales, and Service. You can find the base price for these tiers below.

Note that in most cases the contract for these tiers require an annual billing schedules.

Here’s the pricing for each of those Salesforce tiers:

Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions TierPer User Per Month Cost
Sales Professional$75
Service Professional$75
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement$1,250
Salesforce Pricing for Small Business Tier – 2022

Sales Cloud

Sales CloudPer User Per Month Cost
Salesforce Pricing for Sales Cloud Tier – 2022

Service Cloud

Service CloudPer User Per Month Cost
Salesforce Pricing for Service Cloud Tier – 2022

Marketing Cloud – Account Engagement

Marketing CloudPer Month Cost
Salesforce Pricing for Marketing Cloud Tier – 2022

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot pricing calculator for their enterprise tier with 10 users per month.

After Salesforce, HubSpot is the second most popular CRM vendor for businesses. HubSpot is especially effective for marketing departments.

Similar to Salesforce, there’s also tons of extra features that most companies will never use, and setting everything up can be a challenge. However, they do provide powerful insights and marketing tools that work for various industries worldwide.

HubSpot’s pricing is broken up into two sections: Products & Plans, and Bundles.

The Products & Plans section includes five categories: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CMS, and Operations. The Bundles section includes a CRM Suite, or the ability to create your own bundle.

One thing that’s very helpful is that they provide a payment calculator on every sales page. This level of transparency helps take some of the mystery out of how much you’ll have to pay for your specific situation.

Here’s the pricing for each of those HubSpot categories:

Marketing Hub

Marketing HubPer User Per Month Cost
Starter$45 for 1,000 contacts
Professional$800 for 2,000 contacts
Enterprise$3,600 for 10,000 contacts
HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing – 2022

Sales Hub

Sales HubPer User Per Month Cost
Starter$45 (Includes 2 users)
Professional$450 (Includes 5 users)
Enterprise$1,200 (Includes 10 users)
HubSpot Sales Hub Pricing – 2022

Customer Service Hub

Customer Service HubPer User Per Month Cost
Starter$45 (Includes 2 users)
Professional$450 (Includes 5 users)
Enterprise$1,200 (Includes 10 users)
HubSpot Customer Service Hub Pricing – 2022


CMS HubPer Month Cost
HubSpot CMS Hub Pricing – 2022

Operations Hub

Operations HubPer Month Cost
HubSpot Operations Hub Pricing – 2022

CRM Suite (Bundle)

HubSpot CRM SuitePer Month Cost
Starter$45 (Includes 2 users)
Professional$1,600 (Includes 5 users)
Enterprise$5,000 (Includes 10 users)
HubSpot Bundle: CRM Suite Pricing – 2022

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive CRM deals view with timeline and cards

Pipedrive is a popular CRM alternative to Salesforce and HubSpot. They brand themselves as “the first CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople.”

Therefore, it’s not a surprise that they focus on the sales aspect of running a business more than anything else.

The feature people enjoy most about Pipedrive is the timeline visualizer. Their timeline is visually friendly, and makes it easy for people to drag cards of leads or deals from column to column.

Pipedrive’s pricing is much more straightforward than their top competitors. They offer four tiers of service charged per user per month, plus the option to purchase add-ons.

Here’s a breakdown of Pipedrive’s pricing:

Pipedrive TierPer User Per Month Cost
Pipedrive CRM Pricing – 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Asian woman smiling in warehouse with Microsoft Dynamics 365 branding

If you’re looking for a solid CRM and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) vendor, then Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one to consider.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a many types of services, and the pricing varies greatly depending on which types you need. Some features are offered per user per month, whereas others are offered per tenant, or company-wide.

For example, the Sales Professional tier is $65 per user/month, but the Marketing suite is just one all-inclusive tier that’s $1,500 per tenant/month.

But they don’t stop there. Microsoft’s pricing also varies depending on whether or not you’re getting something as a stand-alone feature, or purchasing it in addition to other categories/tiers. This is a confusing calculation that they refer to as “subsequent pricing”.

It’s worth investigating though, as that $1,500 per tenant/month Marketing suite can be reduced to $750 per tenant/month if “subsequent pricing” rules apply.

Microsoft Dynamics has higher pricing than some of the other competitors, so it’s probably most effective for large organizations that are already using other services in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Since the pricing structure for Microsoft Dynamics is different for each category, you can click the category name below to link to the pricing page:

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM features that make selling easier inforgraphic

Zoho CRM’s pricing is one of the easiest to understand. They have four tiers of service, each of which is calculated per user per month and billed annually.

For each tier, Zoho organizes their features into the following categories: sales force automation, automation and process management, product customization, reports and analytics, marketing automation, and security.

Here’s a breakdown of Zoho CRM’s pricing:

Zoho CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Zoho CRM Pricing – 2022

In addition to general features that can fit diverse businesses, Zoho also has industry-specific CRM solutions for automotive, retail, non-profit companies, and more.

They also have special small business starter CRM called Bigin that has a leaner starting feature set. The first tier of this service is actually $0 for a single user to get started.

Copper CRM

List of Copper CRM Features

Copper CRM prides themselves on their ease of integration with Google Workspace. As Copper puts it: “You live in Google Workspace, so should your CRM”.

This level of integration allows you to never have to open a new tab to manage leads, track email conversions, manage tasks for marketing and sales, or find files.

Similar to other general use CRMs, Copper offers three tiers of service and the pricing scales per user per month.

Here’s a breakdown of Copper’s CRM’s pricing:

Copper CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Copper CRM Pricing – 2022


List of management services specializes in communication between team members. Whether it’s collaborating on projects, communicating about tasks, or tracking the goals of your team members, Monday has effective–and colorful–solutions. has five pricing tiers, and the pricing scales per user (or ‘seat’) per month.

Here’s a breakdown of’s pricing: Sales TierPer Seat Per Month Cost
EnterpriseContact for Pricing CRM Sales Tier Pricing – 2022


Freshsales marketing page and screenshot of their CRM contact service

Freshworks Inc is a SaaS company with a suite of technological resources to help people manage and grow their business.

They have several categories of services they offer. However, their most popular CRM platform is Freshsales, which helps sales teams grow and automate their processes.

If you’re looking for AI-powered insights and bot sessions to engage leads, then Freshsales could be a good option for you.

Here’s a breakdown of Freshsales CRM pricing:

Freshsales CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Freshsales CRM Pricing – 2022


Tableau CRM pricing flow

Do you have a ton of data and need a way to visualize it more effectively in one place? Then Tableau might be the perfect platform for you.

Tableau was acquired by Salesforce in 2019, so you can trust that they’re the leader when it comes to choosing an end-to-end data analytics platform.

However, if Salesforce is too much for what you need, you can still purchase Tableau as a stand-alone platform.

Here’s a breakdown of Tableau CRM pricing:

Tableau CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Tableau CRM Pricing – 2022


Act CRM marketing example with woman and man looking a computer screen

If you’re a small or mid-sized business that’s looking for a simpler approach to marketing automation, then you might benefit from Act CRM. Furthermore, if you’re hosting your own server, prefer to manage security internally, or want to host your CRM locally, then Act is a great option.

Act’s pricing is some of the easiest to wrap your head around. They have a simple division of “cloud-based” vs “on-premises” pricing. Similar to all the other SaaS platforms, Act also offers a plethora of add-ons you can purchase.

Most CRM customers are used to the cloud-based approach, where you can access your CRM via a web browser online. However, some companies may prefer to host their CRM locally and self-manage their security and updates.

Here’s a breakdown of Act CRM pricing:

Act CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
On-Premises (Desktop)$37.50
Cloud-Based (Cloud)$30
Act CRM Pricing – 2022


Keap CRM dashboard with a contact profile named Bessie Warren

Keap focuses on lead generation and client management for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs. Specifically, Keap is useful for onboarding new clients with email and text automation based on customer actions.

Keap’s pricing requires a little more calculation that other CRM platforms. The cost isn’t just based on how many users need access to your account, but also how many contacts you need to work with.

In 2022, Keap has two tiers of service: Pro and Max. The Pro tier pricing includes access for two users and 1,500 contacts. The Max tier includes access for three users and 2,500 contacts.

Here’s a breakdown of Keap CRM pricing:

Keap CRM TierPer Month Cost
Pro$129 (2 Users, 1,500 Contacts)
Max$199 (3 Users, 2,500 Contacts)
Keap CRM Pricing – 2022

Agile CRM

Agile CRM example dashboard view on desktop

If you’re looking for a platform that’s more cost-effective than Salesforce but has a lot of similar features, you might want to consider Agile CRM.

Agile breaks down their offering into several tiers of service, including: Free, Starter, Regular, and Enterprise. Similar to other SaaS platforms, they charge per user per month, with the ability to purchase add-ons and additional data usage.

Agile’s Pricing page is visually friendly, and it’s easy to compare plans and see exactly which of their many features are included with each tier of service.

Here’s a breakdown of Agile CRM pricing:

Agile CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Free$0 (up to 10 users with limits)
Agile CRM Pricing – 2022


Apptivo CRM blue circle icons and calls to action

Yet another general use CRM to consider is Apptivo. Apptivo CRM features include sales automation, marketing, data management, security, reporting, integration, and more.

If your company is new to CRMs and needs some extra help getting started, then Apptivo might be a good choice for you. They tout having a 24/7 support staff, and claim to have some of the best onboarding staff in the business.

In terms of pricing, Apptivo has four tiers of service billed per user per month.

Here’s a breakdown of Apptivo CRM pricing:

Apptivo CRM TierPer User Per Month Cost
Apptivo CRM Pricing – 2022


Woman with red hair smiling and holding an electronic tablet

When you visit SugarCRM’s website one word is seen on nearly every page: automation. SugarCRM focuses on marketing automation, sales automation, and customer service.

Unlike other CRMs, SugarCRM pricing is different depending on the type of CRM service you need. They also have a “3 user minimum” requirement for all tiers other than the “Marketing Automation” tier.

Here’s a breakdown of SugarCRM pricing:

SugarCRM TierPer Month Cost
Marketing Automation$1,000 (for 10k contacts)
Sales Automation$49 (3 user minimum)
Customer Service$80 (3 user minimum)
Enterprise$85 (3 user minimum)
SugarCRM Pricing – 2022


Creatio CRM description with woman in green jacket smiling and image od desktop dashboard behind her

There’s no doubt that licensing a general use CRM system is ideal for companies that don’t specialize in tech or have their own development team.

Creatio understands the aversion some business owners have when it comes to complicated technical talk. That’s why they have many “Low-Code” and “No-Code” resources, like the 200+ page “No-Code Playbook“, available on their website to help make the onboarding process seem less daunting.

In addition to their No-Code process designer, they also have a CRM that can help automate marketing, sales, and customer service. Creatio has various tiers of pricing for each of these categories. However, you can also bundle multiple CRM categories together for a custom price.

Here’s a breakdown of Creatio pricing (for cloud service):

Sales Tier

Creatio Sales TierPer User Per Month Cost
Creatio Sales CRM Pricing – 2022

Marketing Tier

Creatio Marketing TierPer Year Cost (1 User, 10K Contacts)
Marketing Creatio$3,134
Creatio Marketing CRM Pricing – 2022 (Click to find your custom price)

Service Tier

Creatio Service TierPer User Per Month Cost
Customer Center$45
Service Enterprise$60
Creatio Service CRM Pricing – 2022


As you can see from this article, there’s tons of incredible general use CRM options on the market.

Almost every platform claims to address the same needs: marketing tools, sales automation, integrations, and some level of customer support automation.

Unsurprisingly, these SaaS platforms all use identical pricing models: a combination of subscription and freemium.

First, customers need to pay “per user” or “per seat” as a recurring subscription. Second is the freemium model, where certain features are locked or hidden until you pay more money to upgrade.

With these two powerful pricing models combined, these SaaS platforms are able to generate a ton of revenue every month!

Where these platforms really differ is in their onboarding approach and customizability. CRMs like Apptivo and Keap heaviliy promote their customer onboarding process, whereas with Salesforce you will probably need to hire someone to help you get everything set up properly.

However, when it’s all said and done two things are certain:

  1. You’ll have instant access to powerful software tools to help grow your business.
  2. As a result, you’ll have to pay a hefty price every month or year to continue using these services.

Beware of Long-Term Costs

Anyone who runs their own business knows that the market, quality standards, and competitive landscape will change over time.

As a result, it’s worth questioning whether or not it makes more sense for your business to invest in a custom CRM to manage costs long-term. You can learn even more about the pros and cons of this approach in our Essential Guide to Custom CRM Development.

Here’s just a few of the factors that could cause your monthly CRM pricing to increase with any of the aforementioned SaaS platforms:

  • You hire more people/more of your employees need access to the platform
  • You need to “unlock” more features the CRM offers
  • The CRM company changes how much your subscription costs (very common)
  • You need to integrate with other businesses, through partnership or acquisition (BPI)
  • Your business process changes, so you need to spend money to reconfigure your CRM or hire someone to do so

So if you’re a business owner with 10 or more employees and are thinking about developing your own custom CRM to fit your unique business process, schedule your free CRM consultation call with Winnona Partners today. The short-term development investment is worth it in the long run.

Do you use a general purpose CRM? If so, are there other pricing metrics you’d like to share? Please leave a comment and let me know!

By Jonathan Richter

Jonathan is CEO of Winnona Partners, a custom software development company that specializes in helping business owners navigate the digital transformation process. He's also a classical guitarist, and has studied Chinese language, music and culture extensively. Learn more at

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