Instagram Fitness Star Jenelle Butler (@getbodiedbyj) Launches BODIED App for Android

Fitness instructor Jenelle Salazar Butler (@getbodiedbyj on Instagram) has taken years of expertise and compiled it all onto one place: the BODIED app, which is now available on both the App Store and Google Play. After her challenging year overcoming a botched surgery and her original BODIED Sport apparel line being hacked (her revamped clothing line is now called BODIED Athletics), Butler has found the strength to continue to give back to her Android fans and followers by releasing the successful BODIED app on Google Play.

Her BODIED app reached #4 in the Health & Fitness category on iOS, and now Android fans are also realizing the benefits of her all-inclusive mobile platform.

Anyone who follows Butler on Instagram knows there’s a lot more to learn from her than just fitness. Her strong and resilient spirit is matched with her determination to reinvent herself and her brand time and time again, offering followers a genuine look into the life of a motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Part of Butler’s reinvention has been the development of her mobile apps, and Winnona Partners is honored to have worked closely with her to deliver a sleek and flawless app for people interested in all aspects of fitness, health, and wellness. Now, fans and followers can receive expert tips and workout instructions from Butler anywhere by downloading the BODIED app!

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By Winnona Partners

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