Oakhurst’s Personalized Task Helper Startup “Bamboo” Enters Private Beta Stage


12/5/2019: Please note that Bamboo has now rebranded to “My Panda.

The historic neighborhood of Oakhurst, located in Winnona Partners’ hometown of Decatur, GA, now has access to the My Panda App (formerly known as Bamboo Services) an affordable on-demand task helper and concierge service.

Bamboo founder Tamara Lucas is well aware of the everyday life challenges busy parents and individuals in Oakhurst face, and has taken the initiative to develop a simple platform to help people alleviate stress and save more time for themselves and their families.

Tamara V. Lucas, Bamboo Founder

As Lucas states, “Most everyone I know has times that they just can’t seem to get it all done, though most of those people can’t afford a personal assistant or full time house keeper. We thought it would be super helpful to have an on-demand service to help out from time to time in an affordable way, but also with people you trust, people from your community.

“This focus on building a sense of community, helping your neighbors, keeping your dollars in the local economy….this is something that speaks deeply to so many right now.”

Bamboo offers a selection of standard services called “The Bamboo 22”, which includes a flat rate for cleaning, laundry service, vacation service, and even Dekalb Farmer’s Market deliveries.

The Bamboo 22 services are satisfying the most common and immediate needs for Oakhurst households, all of which are easy to request on the Bamboo website.

At the end of the day, who really wants to fight their way through the produce section at Dekalb Farmer’s Market after sitting in rush hour traffic?

For those of you who need housekeeping care while you’re away on vacation, now you can set that up within minutes and get back to planning your trip or relaxing in the sun.

If you need help with something special, you can even request custom services for a $35/hour rate.

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Oakhurst, Decatur, GA, USA

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