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Yule Nightlife operated from 2015-2017. Yule is no longer available to download.

If you’re involved in the nightlife industry, you know that keeping your audience engaged can be a real challenge. People’s attention span is shorter than ever, and in this age of information overload it can be difficult to make a lasting impression.

Getting your Followers and patrons informed about a special or event is the first crucial step, but how can you retain their attention and further motivate them to leave the house and come to your bar or nightclub?

Luckily, the Yule Nightlife app has a few powerful features that can help promoters and bar owners manage their social media presence and directly engage with Followers in realtime.

Here are three advantages that only Yule Nightlife provides to promoters and venue owners:

1. Location-Based Targeted Campaigns

As of June 2017, Yule’s database exceeds 230,000 bars, nightclubs, and events worldwide, a number that increases daily with new user activity.

When a user opens Yule, their current location is pulled (latitude/longitude) and a list of nearby venues is populated.

But with so many nightlife options, venue owners need a way to stand out and be seen by these prospective patrons. Yule has recently introduced a creative way for bars to do just that.

For nearly every major city, a banner section is present at the top of the list view with a localized photo or video promotion.

The promotion may be general and run on a continual basis, or the space can be used to highlight a specific one-time event that’s happening soon.

Tapping on a promo takes the user to the venue or event profile, which then links directly to a web page of the venue’s choice. This is especially helpful for promoters who have a specific call to action, such as “Get Tickets” with a link directly to the purchase tickets page of their respective site.

Each major city in the US has an adjustable range where the promotions will be seen.

This means that anyone using or searching the app within that range will be able to see a reel of featured venues or events happening in that area!

The range is determined by the Yule team to prevent too much overlapping between cities, but ranges can be edited depending on the scope and needs of a venue or promoter. Here’s a backend view of the Yule promotion ranges:

Yule Nightlife Promotion Radius Map
View of Yule Nightlife’s banner promotions worldwide (Summer 2017)

The Yule team believes location-based advertising is the way of the future, and have built a scalable platform to help promoters directly reach people in their area looking to go out on any given night!

2. Notifications to Followers and Friends

So you’ve promoted your event or special on social media throughout the day, but now things are kicking off and you want people walking through the door!

Yule allows people to Follow a venue, which helps people quickly sort their venue list to look up their favorite spots.

Following a venue also means that a user will receive a notification every time there is a new post at that venue. This feature is very useful for bar owners or promoters who are interested in letting their regulars know what’s happening at their bar in realtime.

If your venue is having kind of a dead night, post a photo or video at your venue and try offering a special to get people through the door. “Free shot for anyone who walks through the door by 11pm!” is a notification I would love to receive from one of my favorite neighborhood bars!

Yule Nightlife Realtime Notification
Follower notification

Aside from the notifications to Followers, users can also receive a notification when a friend checks in to a venue.

This feature is a particularly fun way to see where your friends are out at any given time, and can be a subtle call to action inspiring them to come join you! Simply add your friends on Yule and tap the “Check In +” button on the venue profile to let your fans and followers know it’s time to come party! Similar to all other social media apps, you can also “@” friends in comments and tag them in posts you create.

3. Social Media Conglomerate

One of the biggest challenges for promoters and busy bar owners is the need to have to switch between various social media platforms.

The advantage to using Yule is that you can see the most recent social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all in one place- that’s a huge time saver!

The Yule team has manually verified and collected the correct social media accounts for all of its venues, so the data is carefully curated and reliable. In addition, this makes it really easy for venues to see at a glance what people are saying about their venue.

Promoters can link directly to a social media post and save it on their phones to repost. Another option would be for venue owners to click the Instagram location link to see the best most recent posts at their venue, which they could then share with their audience to generate more traffic and strengthen their relationship with their patrons.

The Yule Nightlife app offers by far the most features of any nightlife app currently on the market, and is a great source for nightlife content worldwide.

There are many more innovative features being developed to help bar owners and promoters reach their target audience in a way that is informative and fun!

Yule Nightlife operated from 2015-2017. Yule is no longer available to download.

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