Milner Financial Launches New Website & Advisor Dashboard

For more than 60 years, Milner Financial has developed innovative ways to help insurance advisors succeed. Throughout the years, these advisors have helped people of all backgrounds receive quality coverage. In 2020, Milner Financial (formerly “The Milner Group”) continues to innovate by providing new online resources and tools for their advisors.

With innovation in mind, the Winnona Partners team collaborated with Milner Financial to create a stunning online experience. Through careful planning, we helped develop a new website and Milner Dashboard system that their advisors and staff love!

A new and improved website

One of the main goals of the redesign was to improve website visitor navigation. In fact, navigation is widely considered the most important factor when determining whether or not a website is effective.

In the screenshot below, you can see Milner Financial’s services highlighted in a way that’s easy to navigate. We also improved the visibility of their core values and trusted insurance carriers. As a result, people can quickly link to any page they’d like for more information.

The Milner Group Website 2020 developed by Winnona Partners website developed by Winnona Partners

Visit Milner Financial’s website here.

New Online Platform for Insurance Advisors: The Milner Dashboard

In addition to launching their new front-facing website, we also worked closely to create the Milner Dashboard platform. The Milner Dashboard is an online collection of resources and tools for insurance advisors.

If you’re an insurance advisor, simply sign up here to get access to The Milner Dashboard resources. Whether you’re an advisor who’s looking for the top tools for life insurance, annuities, LTC (Long Term Care), or underwriting, the Milner Group is here to offer you assistance with a variety of powerful and innovative virtual resources.

So how does it all work? You can learn more about the Milner Dashboard system and the virtual advisor tools in their promotional video below:

Milner Financial Website and Dashboard tutorial video.

Milner Financial’s expertise, paired with the Winnona Partners’ cutting-edge technological approach led to a brilliant online experience for insurance advisors young and old. Moreover, our team is honored to work with a Georgia company that has such a long successful legacy.

You can learn more about the Milner Dashboard system here.

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By Jonathan Richter

Jonathan is CEO of Winnona Partners, a custom software development company that specializes in helping business owners navigate the digital transformation process. He's also a classical guitarist, and has studied Chinese language, music and culture extensively. Learn more at

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