Atlanta Creative Publishes an Entire Book of Poems- Using His Own Typewriter App

Writer and Entrepreneur Connor Garrett’s Unconventional Marketing Approach Comes Full Circle

Every now and then an entrepreneur emerges with an exceptional balance of drive, creativity, and marketing ingenuity. One such case is Atlanta-based author and entrepreneur Connor Garrett. Garrett’s recent publication, Life in Lyrics, is a collection of sensitive and thought-provoking poems that were all composed in a unique fashion- using a mobile app he released called My Typewriter.

The poems, which one reviewer on Amazon articulates as “excited meditations”, are full of passion and adventure. Garrett’s words allow the reader’s mind to be flooded with the memories of one’s own sentiments and experiences, resulting in a joyful reflection.

Connor Garrett, Author of “Life in Lyrics”

Not only has Garrett composed these poems and released the book under his own publishing company Lucid House Publishing, but he did so all while using the very app he developed.

The impassioned words in Life in Lyrics is complimented by the rustic aesthetic of the My Typewriter app. The variety of fonts and ink bleed effects are all features Garrett conceived of, evoking a striking, timeless impact on the reader.

Once reaching as high as #14 in the Utilities category on the App Store, “My Typewriter combines the look and feel of working on a vintage typewriter with the convenience of a modern day word processor.”


Since releasing My Typewriter app in April 2018, creative writers have been using the app frequently to compose poems and short passages, which are then exported or posted directly to Instagram.

The app canvas displays a 4:5 ratio, making it perfect to share on popular social media platforms- or in Garrett’s case- publishing a full-fledged collection of works in print. You can download the My Typewriter app on the App Store or Google Play.

Connor Garrett not only exhibits the modern day millennial-entrepreneur mindset, but his Life in Lyrics project also demonstrates the full-circle DIY approach that artists rely on to spread awareness of their work, all the while ensuring a positive ROI.

Whether you’re a fellow creative writer or Atlanta tech enthusiast, Garrett is one entrepreneur you’re sure to be seeing more of as his work continues to excel.

Garrett’s book, Life in Lyrics, is available on Amazon. You can learn more about the My Typewriter App here. You can follow Garrett on Instagram @connorjudsongarrett.

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