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For the Highest Quality App Development at a Fair Price, Winnona Partners Delivers for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

There’s never been an easier time to build your business presence online. Books such as The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries serve as excellent resources with helpful tips and case studies to learn from. Books like these can help entrepreneurs conceptualize and refine their ideas, but they won’t necessarily give you the technical know-how to create or manage your business online- let alone build that mobile app that you’ve been thinking about developing.

Winnona Partners understands how complicated running your own business can be, and that time is your greatest asset.

Whether you want to develop better in-house tools to make your team or business process more effective, or you want to publish an app publicly in the App Store or Google Play to increase sales, our Atlanta-based firm is prepared to deliver top of the line software solutions at an affordable rate.

Less is More – Developing A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

If your company is self-funded or in the early stages, it’s likely that you may not have a huge budget set aside for developing a mobile app. In other cases, your business may be built entirely around a mobile app idea.

Either way, it’s understandable to not feel comfortable investing tens of thousands of dollars on an idea that you hope might work.

For individuals or new companies with less than $10,000 of investment capital for a mobile app, we highly recommend you consider developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


An MVP can come in a variety of forms depending on your idea and business needs. Typically, the affordable MVPs we develop for clients have a functional front end only.

This means that you can have an application on your phone that looks and feels like a real app, without any back end or server feeding real data or user information.

If your primary goal is to test the app’s functionality with a focus group of users to make sure they like the look and feel of your app, then an MVP with a functional front end is a great place to start and can usually be achieved for around $5,000 (rough estimate, not including branding).

If you’re more interested in building out fully-functional features and aren’t as concerned with the design of the app, then starting with a web app may be your best option.

Our firm can also help you piecemeal the essential features of your app, so you can invest in as many or as few features as you need and develop your app over time while you finalize your branding and design elements.

This type of functional prototype is especially useful if you just want to develop in-house tools to improve your business process, the cost of which can vary significantly depending on the scope and complexity of features. 

Is your business ready for an MVP or fully-functional app? Contact us or request The Essential Guide to Developing Successful Mobile Apps today to get started!

Communication is the Key to Saving Time and Money

If there’s anything that our current clients love, it’s that they are able to speak with us, the development team, directly.

At many large development agencies, you might communicate your needs to a representative who will then pass your message up the chain of command until the request is finally received and acted upon hours (usually days or weeks) later by an outsourced developer.

Once the request is received, there’s no telling how the code will be handled. We’ve heard horror stories of developers abroad who will implement shortcuts or quick-fix solutions for building new features that end up introducing major production issues down the road.

In Contrast, our firm enjoys the process of discussing new features with clients, and exploring options with our in-house development team to determine the most cost-effective solution that can yield the best results.

Putting our clients first and not focusing solely on our bottom-line has proven to be the best strategy to get us where we are today.


Simply put, communication and building interpersonal relations with our clients is essential to the collaborative process of developing an app, and is the core trait of our organization.

The more fleshed out your app idea is in terms of conception, design, and execution strategy, the faster and more cost-effective our firm can deliver results.

Anytime there is an opportunity to improve your business (and personal life) by saving or making you time and money, we will happily take advantage of those situations.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, U.S.-based app development company that will go above and beyond to help your project succeed, contact Winnona Partners today

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